Living Trees of Livingstonia


Living Trees of Livingstonia is an initiative in the Rumphi District of Malawi. Funded by the Scottish Government, overseen and supported by Edinburgh-based Leith Community Crops in Pots and Thrive, the project is implemented on the ground by Rumphi organisation Living Trees of Livingstonia and by communities surrounding 21 schools. The project brings together a community in Edinburgh with these communities in Rumphi, which will manage and work on their school orchards. These orchards are like small farms, as they will not only grow trees and tree seedlings, but also chillies and paprika, which Living Trees of Livingstonia sells for the schools, so that the schools can use this income to improve their children’s education. After our baseline survey found that only 21% of children ate breakfast, and therefore 79% of children were eating only after school, the schools growing breakfasts for their children.

The orchards are run by School Orchard Committees, each consisting of 5 women and 5 men, parents and teachers. In the process, we are helping Malawian organisation Living Trees of Livingstonia to establish itself.

Living Trees of Livingstonia has a wide range of benefits: environmental, employment, nutritional, educational and capacity-building.