Who We Are

Thrive is non-profit and adopted remote-working for minimal running costs long before the COVID-19 global pandemic made that mainstream. Our five directors communicate with each other from anywhere on their laptops and phones. 

Thrive directors have skills of:

  • Professionalism in aid – grant management, project design & management, partner development;
  • Multiple sectors – with special interests in women’s and girls’ rights, mitigating climate change, Fair Trade, and media. 

Thrive directors are:

  • Ms Mwayi Chirwa (lecturer, Environmental Management, University of Livingstonia, Malawi), 
  • Ms Chipiliro Kansilanga (media & communications specialist, African Union, Cameroon), 
  • Ms Alison Napier (senior M&E consultant, INTRAC, in development since 1994), 
  • Dr Cathy Ratcliff (development generalist since 1992, development discourse analyst),
  • Ms Liz Sams (CA, Chief Finance and Operations Officer at Foundation Scotland). 

A chartered accountant oversees Thrive’s financial management.