Who We Are

Thrive is nimble. It is non-profit and has minimal running costs. Some Thrive board members work for fees and absorb all other costs, working from anywhere on their laptops and phones, using public transport where practical.

Thrive has skills of:

  • Development cooperation – partner selection & development, project design & management, monitoring & evaluation, financial management & training, international & senior networking;
  • Community development & governance – outreach, advocacy, leadership, financial capacity-building, transparency, Small & Medium Enterprise & Civil Society Organisation development;
  • Science & evidence – academic links, research, writing academic papers.

Thrive can develop partnerships for individual projects. These can include, for example:

  • University researchers;
  • Journalists and politicians;
  • Civil society organisations.

Thrive directors are:

  • Ms Mwayi Chirwa (lecturer, Environmental Management, University of Livingstonia, Malawi)
  • Dr Cathy Ratcliff (development generalist of 28 years, development discourse analyst),
  • Ms Liz Sams (CA, 11 years Director of Finance at Mercy Corps, now Foundation Scotland).
  • Ms Alison Napier (senior M&E consultant, INTRAC, 25 years in international development).

Dr. Ratcliff and Ms Sams are experienced in managing annual budgets of at least £8 million.