Thrive in a nutshell

  • Thrive is an international cooperation organisation which aims to help change the ways in which people in the global North and South see each other and hence themselves.
  • Thrive currently has one project, in Malawi.
  • Thrive unites people with complementary expertise to tackle big problems, sometimes bringing into international work players who might not otherwise get involved but have something unexpected, useful and unique to contribute.
  • Thrive avoids talk of givers and receivers, and instead helps complementary players from South and North of the globe come together to understand and help solve each other’s problems.
  • Thrive promotes transparency and good governance, aiming to do so through measures such as good quality news reporting.
  • Thrive promotes women and girls in all its work, and most of its people are women.
  • Thrive reverses environmental damage where it can, as part of all its work.
  • Thrive people work from their laptops without the expense of running an office, travel by public transport where feasible, and meet in venues with no rental cost; we always remember that we are working to reduce poverty.

Thrive is based in Scotland.

Thrive is a member of: