Thrive in a nutshell

  • Thrive aims to help change the ways in which people in the global North and South see each other and themselves.
  • Thrive avoids talk of givers and receivers, and instead sees people from South and North of the globe as capable of helping solve their own and each other’s problems.
  • Thrive began work in 2017, with one project, in Malawi.
  • Thrive aims to unite people with complementary expertise, including those who have something unexpected to contribute to international work.
  • Thrive promotes transparency and good governance.
  • Thrive promotes women and girls in all its work, and most of its people are women.
  • Thrive reverses environmental damage where it can, as part of all its work.
  • Thrive people work from their laptops without the expense of an office, travel by public transport where feasible, and meet in venues with minimal cost; we always remember that we are working to reduce poverty.

Thrive is based in Scotland.

Thrive is a member of: